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 The three leading growth options have been subjected to a number of iterations and tests which, whilst it has been difficult to express their ins and outs in this report, a number of clear conclusions arise from our evaluations. The phasing of this scenario will be the most challenging, but not inconceivable  dependent on the factors in the next column. Without considerable back loading of growth to the second half of the 30 year period, catch up of existing quality of life needs may prove a continuous state.

property solicitorsWhilst desirable in many respects, our evaluations indicate that this will be very tough to achieve in the 30 year lifespan. unless considerable public Government investment and a strong, single-minded SDV is set-up to deliver the necessary foundations. It will require careful planning and monitoring, and measures to manage sub-regional impacts. On the basis of our evaluation of phasing determinants alone, it seems that delivering growth on the scale of Scenario C is likely to be a tough one, at least during the critical period up to 2016 when substantial new infrastructure will be required in a short space of time.

This scenario would, however, bring the most benefit to Kent and the South East in accommodating substantial housing growth and would offer the Borough and sub-region a stronger commercial and social centre and investment attraction, but at the possible economic expense of other areas in Kent, at least in the short to medium term. Scenario B, on the other hand, represents the most realistic and balanced way forward at the sub-regional level. More Details click : Bangor Maine Homes – www.enactconveyancingsydney.com.au

But recognises that at a local level the scope for growth will depend on an assessment of social, economic and environmental factors, and how to achieve it in effect, the terms of reference for Ashford’s Future study. It follows then that the way forward must be based on both regional aspirations and achievability and acceptability. (political and public) at the local level, taking account of the qualitative aspects as well as quantitative, rather than simply a straight choice between Scenarios B and C.