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NomadicLife.com.au a website designed to assist Grey Nomads or the like, with their travels around Australia. Perhaps while you travel you can further the research of your family tree.  Maybe you can visit some of the living "branches" as you travel.

WePostCards4U.com.au a website designed to help you help stay in touch with your living relatives. How about using this service it is just so easy.

Do you need an ID bracelet or Necklace to help identify you, or a medical condition. Some medical issues can be life threatening so make sure you have the right information with you at all times.

Do you need to talk to an Electrician about your Electrical needs. One that can be highly recommended in Sydney is:
Alan Grbas Electrical. For all other areas try your Yellow Pages

Thinking of travelling around the country to visit the relatives? You may want to join a 4x4 driving club to hone your skills. How about this one in NSW.

Make a Will:(including a Living Will) Although this sounds morbid, you may wish to set one up. There could be a number of reasons to make an ordinary Will, but also make what is known as a Living Will.

PictureAustraliaPictureAustralia: is a collaboration between many significant cultural agencies to provide a single web entry point to their digitised pictorial collections. It aims to become the pre-eminent first point of call for images of Australiana. PictureAustralia is free for use by all Australians, whether at work, at home, at school or at research. They currently have half a million images may be viewed via PictureAustralia from the collections of ten institutions, while other agencies are planning to join over time. The site won the Australian Financial Review Internet Award for in the Arts category in November 2000 after its launch in September, and has been enthusiastically embraced by users everywhere.  Please visit http://www.pictureaustralia.org/ for further information.

NomadicLife.com.au - Live Life On the Road

WePostCards4U.com.au - hand written cards posted for you

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